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All of Our Beautiful Masks Handmade by Jen

The Clearwater Garden Club is a 70 year old Clearwater Non Profit organization.  These masks are handmade by members and have 2 layers of 100% cotton quilting fabric with a filter pocket for coffee type filter or other of your choosing. The masks are fitted at the nose for comfort and the ear wraps are adjustable and replaceable. Our masks fit you right, let you breathe, are comfortable and your glasses won't fog!


Masks come in these sizes:

  • SK = Small Kid (age 3-6)

  • YK = Young Kid (age 6-12)

  • WT = Women/Teen

  • M = Men/Large Women


If you want them mailed, a BUNDLE order is 4 masks for only $20.00 and this includes shipping.  Otherwise, masks are $5.00 each if you pick them up.  Choose your materials or let us choose for you and we will do the rest. 


To Order, please fill out the Product Order Form to the right.  Then prepay by clicking the Donate button and pay $20.00 for each bundle with PayPal or your credit card. Lastly, click on Submit My Order.    This includes shipping and you will receive your masks within 2 weeks.  Thank you.

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