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Garden Talk #7 - Native Bees - Presented by Christy Linke

Jan 16th was a success!  We had 24 socially distanced and masked guests and everyone had a great time and learned much about our native bees.  Christy Linke was an excellent presenter with a great deal of knowledge to share.

Native bees are just that, native. These are bee populations that have always lived in North America, and like any insect or animal, they have certain places where they can be found.  Of the approximately 4,000 native bees species in the United States, Florida is home to roughly 315 species of native bees, 29 of those are endemic (found only in Florida).   The Native Florida species can be found in six different bee families including Halictidae, Megachilidae, Andrenidae, Apidae, Colletidae, and Melittidae. 


Our Presenter is Christy Linke.  She is an officer of the Plant City Garden Club and on the FFGC Board. She is an expert on Native Florida Bees.  


This was our first Garden Talk since March 2020 and it was very heart warming to see members and guests in our Clubhouse once again. Christy Linke shared her knowledge about building native be houses.  Everyone made a bee house to take home from a soup can, bamboo cuttings and string. 

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