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Garden Club Members' Awarded for Their Beautiful Designs and Horticulture

The 2016 Flower Show was really a chance for Clearwater Garden Club members, and members of the general public as well, to demonstrate their design skills and improvements, and also display many beautiful horticulture specimens and cuttings.

Design categories this year followed the themes of the offerings of the Francis Wilson Playhouse. Category winners were:

Oklahoma, Sue Witwer

The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Laura Daniel

The Diary of Anne Frank, Marsha Clark

Street Car Named Desire, Kathy Thomas

Sweeney Todd, Marion Crane

The Secret Garden, Helen Hoskins

Tricolor and All Fresh Award went to Sue Witwer, and Designer's Choice went to Cathy Foley

In the Horticulture division, the winners were:

Growers choice Gladyis Seney

Growers choice Lois Sabila

Award of Excellence Sue Witwer

Award of Merit Sue Witwer

Arboreal award Marion Crane I think

Sue Witwer Clearwater Club award

Lots of blue ribbons to Dorothy Bornemann for cut specimens.

Beautiful succulents for Arlene Wich lots of blue Ribbons.

To see all the beautiful designs and horticulture, visit the Flower Show page and enjoy our beautiful slideshow.

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