Dance It @ The Garden Club

Dance It Studio proudly presents its second location; Dance It! @ The Clearwater Garden Club . A collaboration between The Dance Professionals.  Call 407-730-6996 for information.  We are so excited to show you all our new venue to dance and to make memories …

This year you will have a unique opportunity as we continue to share the joy of dance.  Not only will it be a new opportunity for all participants to demonstrate their hard work and dedication to the Ballroom Dancesport, but also a friendly and entertaining atmosphere where we can gather, meet up with old friends, make new ones and celebrate the art of dance at our new location, The Clearwater Garden Club.

Join us and transport yourself into a magical dancing paradise, where we’ll indulge with American Rhythms, like Swing or Foxtrot and spice it up a bit with Cha-Cha or Hustle. The Clearwater Garden Club is the perfect venue to embrace the beginning of Spring and the wonderful possibilities that it rings in.  It will be an extravagant day of dancing and an evening with live entertainment, special performances, food, and Sunday Funday Fun!   Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to creating new memories with all of you! 

For more information, you may call or text Dance It Studio at 407-730-6996.


Virtual Hugs, 
Your Dance It Family


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