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Clearwater Community Gardens
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The benefits of community gardening are numerous and varied, and we are so pleased that the City of Clearwater agreed to lease a 15,000 square foot property to the Clearwater Garden Club for a community garden in the Gateway neighborhood at 1277 Grove Street, Clearwater, FL  33755


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Clearwater Community Gardens, opened in 2015, has 50 Gardening Plots leased to 45 Clearwater Families.  Each plot has irrigation, soil, compost and mulch.  On site there is a rainwater system, compost, mulch and soil available. To become a member of Clearwater Community Gardens please email ccg@flanery.oeg and ask for a membership application.


There is also honey bee colonies, a pollinator garden, herb gardens and fruit trees. The Gardens have been an important addition to the Gateway neighborhood of Clearwater.


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