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Program #1 of the 2023/24 Season

Saturday, October 21st at ll am
How To Compost
As simple or as complicated as you want it to be!


Our first general meeting is Saturday, October 21st 2023 at 11 am.  All members are asked to attend this meeting to help welcome new members and catch up with our returning members.  Our planning committee has come up with an exciting program. 

  • The First "6" attendees will receive a free "LIFESAVER Succulent"

  • We have a door prize of a beautiful countertop composter for the kitchen

  • Garden Club member Peggy Page has organized a mini learning session on composting.  Thanks to Peggy our featured speaker is Marianne Martin from Pinellas County Extension Service

  • Of course we will have wonderful refreshments and finger food for you


What is Composting?

Compost is the term used to describe decomposed organic material. Composting gives gardeners, farmers and homeowners an environmentally-friendly way to add nutrients back to the soil while also reducing the amount of waste generated—whether that be kitchen scraps, animal manure or yard clippings.   Composting speeds up the natural process of plant material turning into organic matter. The compost pile heats up, and the soil organisms present get to work breaking everything down into a fine medium with the texture, consistency, color and smell of a very healthy soil. When done properly, a compost can go from start to finish in as little as three months.   CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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