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Clearwater Garden Club Presented
Florida Arbor Day

Friday January 19, 2024
At 405 Seminole Street, Clearwater

Arbor Day in Florida is Friday, January 19, 2024

Though most of the nation extols the virtues of trees in April, each state observes Arbor Day at the time considered best for tree-planting in its particular region. In Florida, Arbor Day is the third Friday in January.

The Garden Club Arbor Day Celebration

Took Place Friday, January 19th, at our clubhouse. 

We enjoyed these activities.

  • Introductions by CGC President Paul Keleti

  • Proclamation by Mayor Brian Aungst 

  • Viewing of the multi garden grounds of the Clearwater Garden Club

  • Planting of a 20 foot DD Blanchard Grandiflora Magnolia to Celebrate Arbor Day and the 100th Anniversary of the FFGC

Clearwater Garden Club

405 Seminole Street, Clearwater 33755

Arbor Day Celebration - Fri, Jan 19, 2024


Florida Arbor Day has been observed on the 3rd Friday in January since 1886.  The Clearwater Garden Club was formed in 1950 and has been a member of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) for 73 years.  In 2024 The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

Florida continues to lose native trees, and this, in turn, has contributed to steep declines in native insect and bird populations and threatens our natural heritage;  Trees provide countless benefits by improving air quality, providing shade, enhancing our parks and public spaces, reducing stormwater runoff, combating climate change, and providing habitat for wildlife while beautifying our community.


On January 19th members and guests of The Clearwater Garden Club celebrated both Florida Arbor Day and FFGC’s 100th birthday by planting a DD Blanchard Grandiflora Magnolia at 405 Seminole Street.

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