Balcony Gardening Presentation


Presented by The Clearwater Garden Club

Start Date - October 2021

Where: Presentation at your Apartment, Condominium, or Town Home Community

When: To be arranged with your management

Presentation Summary:  The outreach presentation will provide the attendee with a wealth of knowledge about the different possibilities of gardens available to residents with balconies.  The presentation begins with a tour of balconies from around the world to see the possibilities of what can be done with your balcony in order to bring you enjoyment, happiness and relaxation.

We will then present you with knowledge regarding what to plant, how to plant, maintaining your plants, irrigation, top plants for a variety of balconies in a variety of exposures, and times of the year.

There will be live demonstrations in our mock balcony, raffles with horticultural prizes, and gifts from a variety of local businesses.

Simply contact us to have your management arrange for a presentation at your Apartment, Condominium, or Townhouse community. 


Email for information.