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405 Seminole Street

Clearwater, FL  33755

Tel: 727-316-5504

Call Us:  727-316-5504


The mission of Clearwater Garden Club is education for our members and the public in the fields of gardening, horticulture, botany, landscape design, artistic design, conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, garden therapy and environmental and nature studies;

To do and to perform all acts necessary to carry out the purposes of this corporation.


The Clearwater Garden Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Clearwater Garden Club welcomes all "Friends in Gardening" as we are seeking to make Clearwater a more beautiful place to the delight of all residents.

Would you like to be more involved in Clearwater?  Are you interested in connecting with like-minded people who love creating beautiful outdoor spaces, uplifting arrangements and fun events?


Welcome!  Become a member today.


Click "Join Us" to submit your application online, or print out the membership application below. Applications and dues can be mailed.

Attn: Membership, Clearwater Garden Club

405 Seminole Street

Clearwater, FL  33755

So when I looked at those flowers, I was looking at God.

For they bloomed in His sun and grew in His sod.

And each lovely flower was a "voice from above"

That whispered a message of Kindness and Love.

For I feel in my heart, and I know you do too,

That God speaks to us all through the kind things we do.

And when I looked at those flowers I couldn't help but feel

That they brought heaven nearer

and made God so real.

Helen Steiner Rice


In loving tribute of our honorary members and members emeritae;  You remain warmly within our hearts.


Mrs. Arlene Wich, Mr. George Wich, Mr. Carl Rosati, Mrs. Sylvia Bullaudy, Mrs. Elizabeth France

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