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A reforestation program benefitting the National Forest Service, "Penny Pines" began in 1941 when seedlings could be produced for about one cent each. Approximately 680 seedlings were used to plant a typical acre. For $68.00, seedlings for ten acres could be purchased.


In 1964, the original cooperative agreement was rewritten to provide that funds contributed under the Penny Pines program be used for reforestation, rather than solely for purchasing seedlings.


Our goal is to make 2 $68.00 donations each year.  Our first donation was made in honor of past president, Cathy Foley.  Her beautiful certificate of honor is attached below.


Won't you help us reach our goal of making one more $68.00 donation in honor of your club, organization or an individual?  Send a contribution to us designated to "Penny Pines", or place a "Penny Pines Jar" in your place of business or club.


Contact us today to participate in this fantastic conservation effort to the benefit of future generations.

Camp Wekiva

As an organization, we offer support to the youth in our community via scholarship programs for eligible children to attend Wekiva Youth Camp.


Collect Box Tops or Labels for Education and bring to CGC events to be sent to Camp Wekiva to help provide funding for supplies and activities.


Contact us to make a contribution to the scholarship fund or to nominate a young person to attend this wonderful experience.


For more information about Wekiva Youth Camp, click here.

WEKIVA YOUTH CAMP is a residential nature camp for 3rd through 8th Grade youngsters sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.  (FFGC) for the purpose of instilling a love and respect for the REAL Florida in our youth through nature study, conservation and protection of our environment for the future of our state and our planet.  Wekiva Youth Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association.


Wekiva Youth Camp is comprised of six one-week sessions during June & July in Wekiwa Springs State Park, where FFGC (a not-for-profit organization) partners with the Florida Parks Service to improve and maintain the facilities.  Wekiva Youth Camp promises an unforgettable experience enjoying nature, crafts, and the beauty of the natural world in a magical, pristine setting.  Campers should be interested in nature and like the outdoors.  Florida residency is not required and campers are welcomed without regard to race, color, religion or ethnicity.  Campers enjoy a unique outdoor living and learning experience, with close supervision.  Our motto for our youth is “Campers Today – Environmental Leaders Tomorrow”.

Looking For A Good Time?

Click Here to see Events Page for Fundraisers and Other Fun Gatherings

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The varied talents, interests and personalities of Clearwater Garden Club members allow us to present a variety of fun events and worthwhile projects to members of the community in order to bring beauty and enjoyment throughout the city of Clearwater and the community at large.  Here's just some of the wonderful programs we offer:


Community Gardening       Civic Endeavors             Youth Education

      Horticulture             Flower Shows            Garden Therapy

Social Gatherings                Fun Events and Fundraisers

         Floral Design Workshops           Butterfly Garden Certification

FFGC and Clearwater Garden Club support The Coral  Restoration Foundation located in Key Largo.  It is a Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to the transplanting of coral from underwater nurseries where the corals are grown by cutting fragments from existing healthy corals. The fragments grow to sizes that are then taken and planted to restore dying and degraded reefs. When these reefs grow , they will provide a habitat for all sorts of marine life including tropical fish.

To learn more about this great program click here.


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