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CGC Partnership With Francis Wilson Playhouse

The talented and creative designers from Clearwater Garden Club will be sharing their gifts and talents with patrons of the Francis Wilson Playhouse all season long! Each show will have a different "themed" arrangement created especially for that program. These arrangements will be in the lobby for the enjoyment of all for as long as they last. This is the 85th Season at the Francis Wilson Playhouse.

Oct 12 "Geo Washington Slept Here by Cathy Foley, History theme.

Dec. 12 " She Loves Me."by Gladys Seney, Line design with Roses.

Jan. 16 " Romantic Comedy" by Morgan Isaac, Stretch design

Feb. 13 "My Fair Lady" Helen Hoskins, Incorporating a hat and gloves in the design.

April 10 " A Flea in Her Ear." by Marsha Clark, With a large Hat as the design.

May 10 "Grand Hotel" by Marion Crane, Large design using sheet music.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year with designs from seasoned designers and newcomers! Clearwater Garden Club members are always looking to collaborate in any way to reach out and make this community a better place for the enjoyment of all.

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