Coral Restoration Foundation is a Story of Hope

"It's a story of restoration and hope," Mike Echevarria, Chairman, Board of Directors Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF), shares. Members of Clearwater Garden Club were treated to learning more about one of the wonderful conservation programs the club supports. At the October program, Mike shared the story of the founding of Coral Restoration Foundation, and the work being done by this groundbreaking organization. Since the 70's coral reefs off the coast of Florida have declined as much as 90%, but the innovative and essential techniques developed by Ken Nedimyer of the CRF are helping to reverse that. "Nobody has ever done this before," Mike shares. The foundation has over two acres of u

Past President Honored with Penny Pines Donation

Generous contributions from Clearwater Garden Club members allowed CGC to make a $68 donation to the Penny Pines program in honor of past CGC President, Cathy Foley. Mrs. Foley received the award at the June 6, 2014 planning meeting. "I'm so thankful," she said. "Penny Pines is a wonderful program, and one that deserves our full support." Congratulations, Cathy! Since 1941, Penny Pines has been the means of supporting reforestation and conservation efforts by providing funds to the National Forest Service for the planting of new trees on federal lands. More information about this program can be found here. pennypinescathyfoley.pdf

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Since 1950 Clearwater Garden Club members have sought to bring delight to Clearwater residents through outreach programs, community projects and social gatherings that promote the conservation and beautification of our natural surroundings, and a sense of community.


Clearwater Garden Club members are committed to working together using their time, talents and resources to joyfully preserve God's creation for the enjoyment of all.


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