Great American Teach In

What a delightful morning as Laura Daniel and Alice L. Jarvis went to Southern Oak Elem. School this morning. We were welcomed to the Great American Teach In sponsored by Duke Energy and (PCS) Pinellas County Schools. Alice spoke to the students of Mrs Cotilla’s class on gardening and showed slides “Mother Nature’s Sense of Humor.” It was of vegetables that grew in shapes of animals. They really enjoyed that. The room was filled with laughter. They enjoyed answering questions about things they have grown at home and school. Those children will be our future gardeners and hopefully Garden Club Members. They have a large hydroponic garden, and a butterfly garden at the school.

CGC Supporting Efforts for a New Community Garden

On December 1st, the Community Redevelopment Agency, comprised of City Council Members, will hold a hearing on whether or not to lease a portion of currently undeveloped land for the purpose of a community garden. Anyone who would like to speak at this hearing is welcome. Here are some great points that can be made in favor of the community garden project: it meets most of the guiding principals of the CRA for that area, specifically helping to provide, "a vibrant, stable, diverse neighborhood defined by its unique cultural base and mixed land uses." it will be of no cost to the city community gardens help bring beautification and pollinators community gardens are a proven community-buildi

Garden Club Members Making A Difference

We're so pleased to have played a small role in the efforts to help preserve Florida's natural habitats. CGC members played an active role in helping FFGC to obtain the required number of signatures necessary to get the Florida's Water and Land Legacy Amendment on the ballot as Amendment 1. On November 4th, 2014, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved the Florida Land and Water Legacy Amendment which designates billions of dollars to conservation efforts over the next 20 years. It needed 60% of the vote to pass, and 75% of voters approved. This amendment seeks to “acquire, restore, improve, and manage conservation lands including wetlands and forests; fish and wildlife habitat; lands prot

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Since 1950 Clearwater Garden Club members have sought to bring delight to Clearwater residents through outreach programs, community projects and social gatherings that promote the conservation and beautification of our natural surroundings, and a sense of community.


Clearwater Garden Club members are committed to working together using their time, talents and resources to joyfully preserve God's creation for the enjoyment of all.


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