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CGC Supporting Efforts for a New Community Garden

On December 1st, the Community Redevelopment Agency, comprised of City Council Members, will hold a hearing on whether or not to lease a portion of currently undeveloped land for the purpose of a community garden. Anyone who would like to speak at this hearing is welcome. Here are some great points that can be made in favor of the community garden project:

  • it meets most of the guiding principals of the CRA for that area, specifically helping to provide, "a vibrant, stable, diverse neighborhood defined by its unique cultural base and mixed land uses."

  • it will be of no cost to the city

  • community gardens help bring beautification and pollinators

  • community gardens are a proven community-building tool

  • community gardens provide fresh, local produce in economically stressed areas where it might be otherwise expensive to obtain

  • community gardens can be an educational setting and resource for local schools

  • community gardens create partnerships within the community by encouraging volunteer projects and citizen involvement

We look forward to the December 1st hearing, and giving our city council members plenty of reasons to support this project. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

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