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East Gateway Community Garden Shelter Donated by Moss and Associates

It was a beautiful day at the East Gateway Community Garden at 1227 Grove Street in Clearwater as Clearwater Community Gardens Chairman, Howard Warshauer, gave a brief talk recognizing the generosity of Moss and Associates as they put the finishing touches on Clearwater's newest community garden by donating and construction a 16' x 20' shelter, and a small tool shed.

"We're so thankful for their generosity, and this was the hardest working bunch of guys I've ever seen, and very friendly too," Warshauer shared.

"We had been looking for ways to give back to the community," Moss and Associates owner, Erin Mutchler stated. "When we met Howard and heard about the community garden project, it was just a perfect fit for the type of project we were wanting to support in Clearwater. It fits perfectly with what our ideas and values and vision of what Clearwater is and should be; a place of community and cooperation, and positive projects that enhance people's lives."

Many plot owners from the East Gateway Community Garden were on hand, and were thankful for the completion of the shelter. "It's a place to get out of the sun and the heat," one gardener shared as he took pictures of the ribbon cutting ceremony and enjoyed the dedication speeches.

In addition to the shelter, eight rain barrels will be set up to catch run off from the roof, four of which were donated by the owners of Farmer Boy Restaurant at 2129 Drew Street in Clearwater.

The East Gateway Community Garden officially opened back in August, and has 40 plots, 37 of which are currently active. For more information about community gardening in Clearwater, visit the Community Gardens page at

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